Your own AppStore EcoSystem

GAIA TV platform comes with a rich selection of social, commerce, utility and gaming apps that facilitate content discovery, targeted content services, T-commerce, Social TV functions. While your customers get access to a variety of entertainment and information services, you get a custom branded storefront meant to add to your bottom line.

Tune into Targeted Advertising

Pioneering technology in form of a iAB complaint supply side platform and analytics engine from GAIA TV allows you to instantly adapt the business models and technologies from the world of internet to augment your ad revenues. You can now deliver interactive localized advertisements in various formats can also create immense up-selling opportunities with help of recommendation engine.

Immersive Social Viewing Experience

Now, TV viewing can take on a whole new dimension with social interaction on the same screen. Imagine your digitally devoted consumers discovering, participating, sharing and voting live on their favorite social platform – while they watch their TV show. At a click of the remote, they can delve deeper into the show, host a viewing party and see what the world has to say.

Local businesses on Global platform

A rich set of tools enable last mile local businesses to advertise and complete sales transactions in a fully automated manner. The platform comes equipped with a self care portal which allows your consumers’ next door restaurant or grocery store to easily create and customize their offerings. An inbuilt billing solution allows for instant monetization and easier adaption.

Vertical Solutions for your Enterprise customers

Expand your business horizontally leveraging GAIA TV’s tailored solutions for B2B markets of Healthcare, Hospitality, OOH and Retail sectors. Our solutions are highly customized to the target industry and can be smoothly integrated with existing systems like- OSS/BSS, PMS.

Go Global with GAIA TV

In a world of multiple devices, now welcome your customers into a world where all is one. Open up your MSO service to global markets with GAIA TV Apps on Android, iOS, and Smart TV platforms instantly. Building a more sustainable model by offering multi platform OTT application is all it takes.



GAIA TV is a first of its kind service which brings together, the traditional world of linear television with a ‘future ready’ strap on layer of unique value additions & new revenue generating services. The pioneering technology platform behind Gaia TV is crafted to revolutionize content delivery and consumption through an MSO’s network.

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MAYA Platform for Satellite Broadcasters offers a localization technology that has potential to change Satellite Broadcaster’s revenues by orders of magnitude. The Maya platform offers 5 never before seen solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing today’s broadcasters.

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LPB for MSOs

Local Playback solution enables you to add a bouquet of local channels. You can operate a local movie channel, broadcast a YouTube channel or stream a local event live on your cable network. Enhance the value of your channel by adding real time feeds of local show timings, traffic updates, airport timings, happenings on social media universes and much more.

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Enhance your guest experience and increase customer retention using our world class technology which supports targeted & contextual advertising, detailed analytics of guest behaviour while managing all operations from a central location.

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Deliver high definition, targeted and compelling content by combining video, audio, images, text, RSS feeds, outside channels and also increase your revenue through sponsored ads.

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Channel in a Box

One stop Content Origination and Monetization Solution for MSOs, LCOs. Now launch any new TV Channel with ease, without any Technical, Operational or Content challenges.

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Who we are

GAIA TV is a first of its kind service which brings together, the traditional world of linear television with a ‘future ready’ strap on layer of unique value additions & new revenue generating services.

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Just as mother Earth or GAIA as she was known to the Ancient Greeks, is a force of majesty, interconnectedness and life to all its inhabitants, we at Gaian envision a socially connected world that is powered by our platform enabling seamless content creation, delivery and consumption.

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